Thursday, September 3, 2009

Mission Statement aka W.W.M.W?

Hello all. Recent circumstances have dictated that I begin a blog based around my own sartorial observations, recommendations and general thoughts. Due to the fact that most men lack style or the desire to possess any whatsoever, the task of dressing well falls to the 5% of the rest of us. I am by no means an authority on the matter, but I have been told by many that I dress well and since I enjoy discussing the topic of style this blog will serve as my outlet. I troll numerous style blogs and publications daily, anyhow, so I will be compiling anything I see of note. Realizing that the average guy, aka myself, is not a millionaire, concentrating on reasonably priced menswear will be a focal point.

This brings us to the matter at hand. The Wall Street Journal, today, has an interesting look at the enduring style of Steve McQueen and his influence on men's style and design. While the financial juggernaut is about one year late on this revelation, it serves as an interesting "period" on the metaphorical sentence that is McQueen's influence on the men's fashion industry. For the past few years, and very much so the past year, McQueen's rugged, laid back and wholly American style has served as an inspiration for brands ranging from J. Crew to designers like Michael Bastian. And lets be honest, what guy shouldn't own a pair of flat front chinos, a shawl collar cardigan or a pair of Persol shades? I've been hip to McQueen for a while, thanks in part to my brother's mancrush on the guy, but its never to late to start drawing inspiration and taking tips from "The King of Cool".

Steve McQueen sits very much at the heart of this blog and my sartorial advice. What fashion icons are men today supposed to turn to? I, personally, don't have the money or moxie to dress like Kanye or Timberlake. Guys like that are always great to take small tips from or to just marvel at, but at the end of the day I am not going to be caught dead in a pair of shutter shades. The article claims we, as men, need new style icons. I do not totally agree or disagree, but until one comes along, I'm going to stick with Steve. So effortless, so cool, so damn American.

Welcome to Sartorially Inclined. Never hesitate to email me questions, comment on the posts and just participate. Oh, and also, never forget to ask "What Would McQueen Wear?"

Check out the article's photo gallery here

- L.A.S.


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