Saturday, September 12, 2009

Revisited: L.L. Bean Blucher Mocs

Background: In a segment dubbed "Revisited" I am going to be highlighting pieces that at one point or another were trending as hot items, but for whatever reason have not received press of late. Hopefully these posts will serve as a way to inject some new/old style without "trend-humping" or "band wagon jumping".

Flipping through the GQ archives I stumbled (back) upon the classic L.L. Bean blucher moccasin. I'm a huge fan of anything L.L. Bean and the debut of their signature collection this Spring is probably my most anticipate line of clothes in a long time. GQ endorsed these lovely shoes back in Nov. 2007 siting their status as the preferred footwear for designers, like Michael Bastian, and their models. I've already talked about the boatshoe chukka for autumn, but I really like these mocs as a cool alternative as well. With an attainable/reasonable price point ($69) and a variety of colors, everyone is sure to find something they like about this footwear legend.

In the words of GQ Creative Director Jim Moore, "L.L.Bean created its now classic Blucher Moc in 1936. The idea was to give Maine dwellers a casual shoe that would help their feet withstand the state’s damp and often unpredictable climate. Today its untrendy status is what makes it so desirable. Of-the-moment menswear designers like Tim Hamilton and Michael Bastian love to wear them, as do their models. And why wouldn’t they? They’re virtually indestructible and can be worn every day of the year, with bare feet or the thickest of wool socks."


[scan courtesy of The Pursuit Aesthetic (great read btw), courtesy of GQ magazine]


  1. I just purchased a pair of mocs a few weeks ago.

    Its going to take a long time to break them in to the point where they look like the GQ article. Nonetheless...they are super comfortable.

    Love the blog!

  2. Branden,

    They look amazing in GQ, but I guess that's what happens when you have professional weathering done. I love breaking in pieces to give them that unique feel/look. Thanks for the support!

  3. They are the opposite of comfy, though. I never had shoes that were putting so much pressure on the top of my toes.

  4. good fit but deff not as comfy as the should be.

  5. cacapepepoposhire !!!