Monday, September 21, 2009

Trim The Fat

I used to hate tucking in my shirt, but with maturation comes class and now I feel sloppy unless I'm properly tucked (yes, even with jeans).  The only problem with this is the billowing or blousing effect that occurs as my shirt becomes un-tucked with everyday movements.  For the past year or so I have been trying to buy slim-fit shirts to help with this problem.  By eliminating extra, unwanted fabric and raising the arm holes my shirts look much cleaner when tucked in and stay that way.  Slim-fit shirts also make any guy look about 10 pounds lighter then they do with a regular shirt.  So many guys are scared of more form-fitting clothes when all it does is make them look better.  Another overlooked bonus of the slimmer cut shirt is that it is much easier to layer over.  Ditching excess fabric only enables sweaters, vests and jackets to sit much more flush with your torso creating smoother lines and silhouettes.  A lot more companies are moving towards a much slimmer cut shirt that can be found outside the confines of designer (and expenssive) labels.  Here are some options to work with...

Land's End Tailored Varsity Buttondown Oxford Shirt...$19.50

[Pictured: My two oxfords that fit just as well as advertised.]

I just bought two of these (one in white, one in blue) thanks to the reasonable price point and the fact you can never have too many oxford shirts.  This updated classic has a more modern fit and collar (works better with slimmer ties).  You know what you're getting with Land's End...a quality product with a timeless American appeal.  When mine arrive in the mail, I will be sure to update on the specifics. For more information check out the shout-out from

Asos Tailored Slim Fit Shirt...$18.24 (on sale)

Asos makes a great fitting shirt, and you can't beat this price.  I have three of these tailored slim fit shirts and they fit great.  For those of you out there who are skinny this is probably your best bet.  The shirt is flattering without being too tight that you feel awkward wearing it to the office.  Let the buyer beware: price is reflective of quality material in this case.  This will be by no means the most comfortable shirt you own.

Brooks Brothers Extra-Slim Fit...$79.50

You know that when a brand as conservative as Brooks Brothers is slimming down that we have more then a mere trend on our hands.  The pricey-est of the bunch, this shirt is def. for those looking to drop a little extra cash for quality.  Since Brooks Brothers shirts were gigantic to begin with, this trimmer cut is a great way to ease yourself into a new cut of shirt.  Look for a little blurb on the new slimmer Brooks Brothers in this month's GQ (pg. 70). 

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