Tuesday, May 18, 2010

It's Not Whether You Win Or Lose...

...it's how you dress during postgame.  I normally frown upon brown, but I think this is an overall win for Stevie who is one of the best dressed athletes working today.



  1. Last time I saw Nash was at the Barney's warehouse sale in NYC a couple years ago- he was still all frothy from a workout but looks like he really cleaned up at that sale...

  2. The problem with a lot of professional athletes is that they subscribe to the urban style philosophy of "everything must match". It's a relief when you see a solid ensemble like this one.

    Steve Nash is a class act and he has great taste in music as well. I used to manage a couple of music venues in Dallas and he was always at the good shows. This was back in '03/'04 and he'd always show up for shows like Interpol & Spiritualized.

    Add his impeccable style on the court... you can't help but love this guy.

  3. That's my boy!May 18, 2010 at 10:51 AM

    Representing Canada nicely as always. I could only imagine if a soccer player got that accidental, but hard elbow from Duncan-LIFE ENDING INJURY! "Alright boys, leave the stretcher on the sidelines and bring out the coffin".

  4. I forgot he was Canadian. That definitely makes him an over-achiever....

  5. Nash knows what brown can do for him. LAS, why are you so down on brown?

  6. Very nice, considering NBA ballers are some of the worst dressed jocks out there (the 5 button suit? Hello) The gingham, the pocket square, the solid colored tie, and the pique lapel....nice!!