Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Here's another great Etsy shop for those of you on the hunt for the latest and greatest vintage (oxymoron much?) Americana finds to help fill out that F/W wardrobe.  Much like my good friends Wooden Sleepers, Pimento Cheese does all the hard work for you.  They scour the best spots and then offer the fruits of their labor for prices that are as easy on the eyes as that perfect L.L. Bean Norwegian sweater.  Etsy is slowly, but surely becoming superior to eBay in a sense thanks to well curated shops like this.  The key is getting the jump on the good ones before everyone else.  Hopefully that's where blogs like Sart Inc come in - a sartorial liaison of sorts.  Anyhow, be sure to spend some time over at Pimento Cheese, especially in the coming days.  Kina and Carl, the good folks to who run the shop, have assured me that they have some amazing gear lined up.

- L.A.S


  1. Fuck, I love cheese. Just devoured a bagel with cream cheese, too.

  2. I just got that black/red Bean fisherman sweater (copped from eBay) Shocker of shockers, it's 80% wool and 20% RAYON. I thought those things were all wool, all the time.

  3. I am impressed that you found this before me. Good find. Glad to see others doing good vintage for men. Hard to come by.