Friday, September 3, 2010

Gant By Michael Bastian Style Guide

I've said it before, and in the last post no less, most people around these parts do not need a style guide. But, you may still be interested in reading certain takes on how to do things right in the sartorial sense.  Mr. Bastian and Gant created their own style guide in conjunction with the debut of their collaboration's first season and it is now online.  Hard copies of this are also floating around (I had a copy at one point), but it's up for public consumption thanks to a revamp of the Gant by Michael Bastian website.  It's a great read and if you're going to trust anyone you might as well trust the best menswear designer working today, right?  It's a quick and interesting read filled with some stuff you definitely already know and some stuff you may not.  I'd screencap the entire thing for you, but it's in Flash with some scrolling features - I'm not that lazy. I swear.



  1. Love Love this! Just what i needed to read for some added inspiration!

  2. I'm not sure I like the advice about breaking up your suit. When you wear the pieces of a suit separately, they're exposed to different amounts of light, which makes the colors fade at different rates- so when you want to wear the suit together again, the jacket and pants (and sometimes vest) no longer match.

  3. Here's my style guide: don't buy a sweater with a giant lacrosse player on the front.

  4. Great read.

    Lawrence - Quick question: Will J. Crew watch straps fit a regular Timex Expedition watch? I learned the hard way when I ordered one from BB and it was too small.

  5. Anon 3:12 - its really easy to pick on one thing and call an entire collection terrible. Nobody ever makes things 100% perfect but do yourself a favor and go here:

    I'm willing to bet that you would probably be into at least 80% of the gear there.