Thursday, September 16, 2010

A Week With Nick Wooster

To this day one of the most popular posts I have ever run on Sart Inc was an introduction and style breakdown on Men's Fashion Director of Neiman Marcus Group Services, Nick Wooster.  Nick has become quite the street style celebrity recently as people seem drawn to his rugged, badass take on all things Americana.  Polarizing, engaging and thoughtful, Nick's style is, at the very least, an extremely popular talking point.  This past week he was featured as a subject of GQ's (now?) annual and highly impressive 5x7 portrait series by photographer Bill Gentle, which follows a select group of fashion insiders as they dress for New York Fashion Week.  Joined by the likes of T: The New York Times Fashion Magazine Fashion Director Bruce Pask and my dapper friends behind the men's style blog Street Etiquette, Nick and his gear were photographed every day for the past seven days.  Here is what street style photographer Tommy Ton, who also works with GQ, had to say about Nick's style:

"It's pretty safe to say that Nick has instantly become an overnight style icon and has developed quite the following on the blogosphere. From his trademark handlebar 'stache to his rugged take on prep, Wooster's badass individual style commands attention. This past summer we saw him rocking everything from pastel color-blocked suiting to a matching camo jacket and tie."
It should be noted that Nick is as humble and gracious as he is stylish.  You can find all his photos from the series in chronological order below, along with his own accompanying commentary for each day's wears.  For those interested in a similar post featuring, the one and only, Glenn O'Brien you can find that here.


"Grey Quandary." 


"Gray Quotidian."


"Garçon-like Quality."


"Gimme Qamouflage."


"Grenson Quintessential."


"Generally Qhaki."


"Wow, what a week. Thanks to everyone at GQ, and a special thanks to Bill."



  1. I guess gay men really do it better.

  2. hipsta, please. That man is on point.

  3. So bad ass. He really is inspiring but I think Bruce Pask outdid him this week. Everything he wore was amazing.

  4. Are those vintage Cross Colors jeans? 'Cause if they were, that would be stoopid fresh.

  5. Count me in as not a fan of his "old guy desperately trying to look like a young hipster look". The shorty Thom Browne pants with or without socks and the military inspired boots are the deal killer. I don't mind a little ankle, but I don't want to see your entire calf; I also don't want to conjure up images of jack booted thugs with my designer threads.

    I will give Mr.Wooster props for his use of color and for wearing extremely well fitted tailored clothing. He's got it going there in spades.

  6. LAS you are in LOVE with this dude! Just ask him out for a drink and get it over with!

  7. Tips on emulating his style:

    1. Always wear at least one thing brazenly vulgar - yellow shoes, camo, highwaters to display no socks and vulgar tattoo, etc.

    2. Use plenty of anal lube.

  8. hahaha, all you haters are hating because an older gentleman has more unique style in his naked ankle than you have in your entire closet. To those referencing "hipster" in relation to Wooster's are so off course you might want to go back to American Apparel and try again.
    Hipsta please...

    P.S. How would you know if his tattoos are vulgar? You seen him naked?

  9. From a heterosexual perspective, flourescent yellow clown shoes with a dark suit isn't stylish. Sporting camo and highwaters isn't unique, it's trendy right now. All tattoos are vulgar. You can see one on his leg in the last picture. He could wear socks, but he wants to flash his dumb tattoo. Because he's vulgar.

  10. Is it me, or is this one of the first posts in a long time where commenters have gone out of their way to reference the subject's sexual orientation? Do people really care about this stuff? I like some of his style (the trim suits) and dislike other parts (the camo trend is my least favorite thing EVER), but I could really not care less about where he puts his bits when he goes home at night.

  11. @Dave J.

    It hasn't been all that long since

    I still can't believe that the "Big Shrimpin" post got a pass.

    I agree -- couldn't care less about his personal life. Bottom line for me, the short pants are more puzzling than stylish, and he isn't even close to pulling off those yellow shoes.

  12. Is this the same dude that brought the world Sriracha sauce? Wooster Rooster.

  13. Yeah, I agree. This dude is straight vulgar.

  14. Dave J., you are right, and I should not have made a cheap shot about orientation.

  15. I really don't understand the appeal of the dress shoes/no socks/highwater pants thing.

  16. You know you have absolutely nothing to add to a fashion discussion when you make jabs at someones sexuality.

  17. I don't really mind the guys style, but calling it "badass" is misleading. Audie Murphy was badass. His style may be rebellious, but not badass.

  18. As I looked at the pictures, the following words popped, unbidden, to mind:


    Tattoos are vulgar, and while Mr. Wooster is very fashionable, he has very little style. Grown men ought not to dress like clowns, and that's all I see in these shots.

    Note to anonymous: not one comment has come anywhere near the level of "hate." All I see is strong reaction against something that many find vulgar and ugly. Criticism and disapproval are not the same as hate.

  19. wow I just saw the a guy 2 days ago in soho and thought what a badass

  20. Nick's shit is aight, but I agree that too many times his unsuccessful attempts at "youth" come off foolish and "dress-up" like. Glenn O stay killin shit when it comes to pullin style that works for the mature set.

  21. He looks like a semi-stylish asshole.

  22. since when are all tattoos vulgar? what the heck is wrong with people?

    But while we're on the subject, what's with all the capris?

  23. Wow ... this guys has mad amounts of style! How can you even doubt that?!

    And tattoos aren't vulgar. Vulgar tattoos are, but not all of them. Don't be so closed minded.

  24. 1) How is his sexual-orientation an issue?
    2) Why do ppl have a problem if he was straight, gay, bi, poly, whatever?
    3) ?

    Just baffled.

    Signed: A woman.

  25. hahhaha funny how people are seriously questioning this guy;s
    style.... jealousy is a mother...
    by making those comments its pretty obvious that style isn't
    something you guys know, especially being so small minded

  26. This gentleman is a real man.

  27. People spend too much time worrying about clothes, when they aren't really very important. Showing off this or that stupid detail or the latest over-priced article of clothing they've wasted their money on. I don't care how he looks, but he seems to be overly concerned with his appearance. He seems awkward and self-conscious, as many people in his business are, and that is unattractive. Why is he never smiling or looking like he's enjoying himself? Would that be too uncool? The trend for work-wear and military-inspired clothing is funny on people who do nothing but dress up for a living.

  28. interesting that so many people comment on him "trying too hard to look like a young hipster". Nick Wooster did it first guys... its the hipsters who are trying to look like him.

  29. Nick Wooster dresses like Nick Wooster.

    Unlike actual hipsters, Nick Wooster does not look like he sorted through the one-dollar bin at his local Salvation Army while on Ketamine and decided to dress himself in whatever fistfuls of clothes he came up with. Aside from the personal accents, everything he's wearing is sharp, high-quality, and thoughtfully assembled. If you don't like the camo or the yellow shoes, chances are you just don't like Nick Wooster, and Nick Wooster probably doesn't like you. In fact, Nick Wooster probably thinks you're painfully boring.

    Say what you want about his personality (at least he has one) but don't ever let it be suggested that he doesn't know how to dress.

  30. In my view, he is so over-hyped it is sickening, he looks like an old man desperately trying to be a trendy God knows what. There is NO style here in my opinion, it's all hype to me.

  31. Do you guys even know what hipsters are? His looks are nothing like theirs. And simply dressing a certain way does not make you one either.
    I think i can safely say to those commenting negatively that you probably do not have any real interest in fashion or style. So what makes you think anyone cares that you personally do not like a certain look of his. You do not have any credibility for others to take your opinion seriously, much less notice them. Most of you probably don't know fashion/style enough to even know what you are talking about.

  32. If he's a style icon, then any gay men around 50 in any bigger city of the planet has been a style icon for the last three decades - because that's how those guys dress. Okay, he wears yellow sneakers, I guess that's what makes some gullible think he's special?

  33. Tuco - you're a self-hating homosexual. Get your ish together man