Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Bass Denton

Most people will tell you that the one item you should refrain from being frugal with is your footwear.  Now, I pretty much agree with this statement, but let's be honest, not everyone can play that game.  If you do happen to find yourself sitting on the bench (see what I just did there) one of the best brands to holler at is Bass.  90% of their kicks come in at under $100 and look damn good - you have to be pretty terrible to mess up classic silhouettes.  We can bitch all day about the corrected grain leather and the questionable welt, but it's better than wearing no shoes at all or, even worse, some monstrosities from Kenneth Cole.  Bass has had their own tasseled loafer out for a while, called the Denton, but they just released it in a burgundy colorway.  I'm always going to take "brown" shoes over black, so I'm finally ready to give these shoes some playing time (see what I just did there, again).   The price of admission is only $69 and while Bass says these are "coming soon" the estimated ship date is actually today.  The tasseled loafer is a shoe I've endorsed before (as do guys like Michael Bastian), so if you're still looking to add one to your starting rotation (I give up at this point) this might be the place to start.



  1. Not to nitpick, but the elastic kind of kills. Plus, if price is your main consideration, just get some tassles at the thrift store or a second hand shop. Probably better quality to boot.

  2. WOW! These are bad ass! 69 bones is a steal...I'm definitely going pick me up a pair...thanks for posting!

  3. Not to play Franken-shoe, but I think you could safely cut the elastic away from the stitching with a razor without harming the over-all integrity of the piece.

    Quick upgrade with a leather sole shouldn't cost you more than $50 (NYC mid-town price), and you're ready to roll.

    Worth a shot for those buying on the entry level (or stuck in the minors, to keep the sports' ref.s coming).

  4. Don't discredit black shoes, especially considering you own a black pair of Bass Dovers.

  5. The elastic is a no go for me, too. Some higher end brands do shit like that, and to me it just looks awful.