Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sweater Discrimination

Can you wear a cotton beach sweater in the F/W? I'd like to think so.  Call me crazy, but I'm doing my part to abolish sweater discrimination.  Wool is warm as hell, but it's often uncomfortable against your skin and, if you're all layered up on a crisp day, can get real hot real fast.  My key for F/W layering?  Keeping warm of course, but staying comfortable first and foremost.  I think of it like this. You wear your cotton crew neck sweatshirts this time of year, so what's the problem with wearing a traditional cotton knit?  Grab one with some heft and use it as a top layer on a moderate day (over an OCBD) or as an intermediate layer if the weather is gonna dip (over an OCDB and under a parka).  Right now I'm really loving this large gauge cable knit from Rogues Gallery.  It's the perfect early fall sweater in my eyes - 100% cotton, but of the heavy knit variety.  Sweater discrimination is in full force here (read: on sale), but you, the consumer, benefit.  The thing is practically half off and a full grip of sizes are still up for grabs.  At the end of the day, this ends up being a year round piece.  You can't wear wool in the summertime (I mean, you could, though that would be kinda foolish), but you can definitely still wear cotton in fall, especially if you layer accordingly.  A note on fit: my previous RG knits have been very satisfying - no need to size down or up in my experience.



  1. I've wanted this sweater since I first saw it, I didn't even notice it was 100% cotton. Thick knit cotton is some good advice, I be hiking up hills n shit all day in my kashmur sweating n shit.

  2. It's 84 degrees right now where I live (105 two days ago), and it looks like it's going to be a warm fall season. No sweater discrimination from me

  3. You really should - ahem - discriminate between different kinds of wools. Cashmere isn't itchy. Neither is Merino and it is not expensive. If it is cool enough to wear a sweater, a thin Merino sweater is much more functional without the bulk of heavy cotton.

    If you are too warm, you don't need sweater, period. What next?Perforated Bean Boots for when its too warm to wear winter footwear?

  4. Incred- Always the sartorial contrarian...

    Merino wool would be a perfect substitute for this post, but a lot of these cotton numbers are on sale now while merino is not. Just trying to save the kids some money and let them know their options.

    Also, about the perforated Bean boots...the Bean boot moc is pretty much exactly what you were joking about. A Bean boot for when it's hot and wet out.

  5. Unfortunately this sweater is cut very boxy, thus making it virtually unwearable for a slim gentleman.

  6. I'm going to shock you and disagree about saving money. You can buy a Merino sweater any day of the year for less than the $118 "sale" price of this cotton item.

    Granted, not necessarily in a navy cable knit, so if those details are key, this might be the best option.


  7. Merino sweaters are cheesy and look terrible on virtually everyone. This R&B sweater is the tits.