Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Steven Alan F/W 2010 Outerwear

When I think of Steven Alan I don't normally think of outerwear.  Not that he doesn't do a fine job, but there are other things that seem to pop up first - the reverse seam, The Annex, etc.  F/W 2010 might just change all that as Steven has some really impressive outerwear pieces.  The thing that has always drawn me to Steven Alan is his simplicity - the guy just gets the concepts of wearability and functionality.  While other designers too often get hung up and bogged down with superfluous and unnecessary details, Mr. Alan knows exactly what his sweet spot is.  This ideal combined with a few signature tweaks is what makes his current crop of outerwear special.  Everything from a padded peacoat to a shawl collar deck jacket delivers just what you want from your classic pieces, while still giving you that little extra.  And it's this little extra that often takes a "I'll think about it" to a "done deal".  That right there is why Mr. Alan always seems to find his way into my wardrobe season after season, F/W 2010 being no exception.



  1. That shawl collar jacket is tasty.

  2. That vest is impressive. I'm excited to try it on but the fits for SA's outerwear have been incredibly weird these past few seasons. Body is too short, armholes too high...

    My only gripe is that shawl jacket. Their removable lining is a step up from last fall, but for the price, the Filson field jacket beats any waxed coat out there in the market. The construction is much stronger than SA, but you also get amazing customer service and a lifetime guarantee.