Friday, September 24, 2010

E. Tautz S/S 2011

The most recent fruit of Patrick Grant's labor has gone live.  E. Tautz S/S 2011 is one of the few shows at LFW that menswear enthusiasts can get excited about - superb tailoring, great fabrics and none of this bullshit.  Like the personal nature of Saville Row tailoring the E. Tautz show was an intimate affair.  Instead of music, Mr. Grant talked show attendees through each of the looks presented.  The focus of S/S 2011 seemed firmly on fabric.  Fresco, a warm weather plain weave known for it's strength, was featured prominently throughout in various weights.  Another characteristic that marked the collection was the emphasis on the double breasted jacket, which was shown in both six and four button stance versions. Double breasted sport coats are obviously having a serious moment.  Below you will see some great examples of how to wear one casually and undone, even, without looking uncouth.  Also notice how color can be worked into your wardrobe without veering into "go to hell" territory, which is slowly becoming a cop out for those looking for easy ways to dress "cool".  Darker and deeper colors can work in warm weather when paired up with lighter counterparts like ivory, white and khaki.  The one downside here is the pricepoint.  You can find E. Tautz in Barneys if you live in NYC, but be prepared to drop some serious coin.  E. Tautz is pretty much charging bespoke prices for off the rack gear.  If you've got $400 to drop on a shirt however, you'd be hard pressed to find a better place to send your monies.

[Pictures courtesy of GQ UK.]



  1. what? no double monks? so close to perfect, am i right L.A.S.?

  2. wait, is that a kid behind those feathers in the MAN ss'11 photo? wtf is that haha. and yea, e. tautz is obviously fresh to death.

  3. Not sure why they needed a runway show. Are they selling to fashion buyers?

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  5. p.m. - It looks like a baby mexican. Who new LFW was really just another front for new technology in illegal immigration?

  6. E.Tautz is ridiculously overpriced for what it is. It's nice stuff, but it's basically a more conservative Band of Outsiders.

  7. Sart Inc has done it again.
    btw, Fuck you Big Boi

  8. Picture second from the bottom, making a blazer w/ shorts and dress shoes look super crispy.

    I'm also really digging on how he chose to promote more double breasted looks, I think they don't really get their fair share of play.

  9. I think that the relaunch/rebranding of E Tautz is phenomenal. Just really clean lines. Enough of a twist but not forsaking the brands roots. Website really well put together too.