Monday, September 13, 2010

Keep Warm And Keep Moving

Do you own a scarf?  Do you wear a scarf?  These questions are pretty subjective for the American male.  For such a simple and functional item I'm often very surprised at just how polarizing the idea of wearing scarfs can be.  Ultimately, I think it's something you should seriously consider if you haven't already.  Why? Because just like I said earlier, it's all about simplicity and functionality.  When it comes to menswear that's pretty much all you need.  If you find the right scarf and figure out how you want to wear it there shouldn't be any issues.  For my money I prefer something luxurious, which in the case of scarves means cashmere.  They're warm, comfortable and are probably the easiest way to class up a kit made up primarily of sportswear.  Yes, a cashmere scarf will probably run you double the cost of a wool or silk number, but in my eyes one great scarf is all you need.  Howard Yount continues to smash out F/W 2010 and their new made in Italy scarves that just arrived this weekend are killer.  They've got enough paisley, plaid, stripes and solids to last you 50 winters so don't worry about not finding the right scarf for you.  There are even a few joints on sale from last year including some double-sided scarves, which is a lot of bang for your buck if you want to go the frugal route.  You can go with something subdued or do your best Italian impression and get something that makes 'em look twice.  Whatever.  Just keep that neck of yours warm and keep moving.



  1. Lawrence, it looks like you almost spent a weekend sleeping in the clink. Am I right?

  2. A nice scarf is not just a sartorial adjustment, but as well a necessity for self for inclement weather to save one's self from what Madam Nature throws at one. Did you read this on Italian design, being in essence China, relabeled?

  3. Hey Lawrence, I had a dream that we met and hung out. You seemed like a pretty cool dude other than the fact that you were wearing an Obey graphic tee.

  4. I found my perfect scarf frozen in a gutter on the corner of William and Church Streets in Greenwich, CT Winter 1995. Cashmere, made in Scotland, charcoal gray with a fringe. I had it dry cleaned and still wear it to this day, still my only scarf. The label reads: Lord's, Burlington Arcade London W.I.

    P.S. If you are its original owner and read this: fuck off I'm not giving it back.