Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Filson Mackinaw Field Pants

When Filson start talking about their warmest pants ever you listen.  Their new Mackinaw Field pants are, for lack of a better term, serious.  100% 24 oz. virgin wool is where this conversation starts and ends.  Like I said, "serious".  All functionality aside, these pants also have style in spades - back flap pockets, two snap cargo pockets, a watch pocket, suspender buttons, etc.  Filson surely isn't trying to be stylish, but they do a damn good job of out Cucinelli-ing Brunello and out Suzuki-ing Daiki.  They're not the cheapest pants you could be buying for F/W 2010, but they are still about half the price of similar designer incarnations.  Add around 20 bones for your tailor to taper the legs and you've got a 7 day-a-week pair of pants for when the weather gets as bitter as possible.  Trousers like these are so great because they look equally as good with a tucked in oxford on the weekends as they do with a tweed sportcoat during weekdays.  Add your boot of choice and you're unstoppable.  I don't think I've ever talked about a pair of pants on this blog that are as bullet proof as these joints right here, so you know the value is good.  Oh yeah, they're made in the USA for those of you keeping score.  I know about 50 percent of my readership hates cargo pants, but I think Filson does a great job here.  Notice the elevated placement of the pockets, lending themselves to actual functionality and their streamlined appearance - no pleats and not oversized.  You can cop these directly from the source or pay a little less using a third party.  I'd probably go the second route and head straight to my tailor.



  1. Hmm... I have $200 of gift certificates at Cabela's that have been sitting around. This could be the reason for their demise.

    How would you dress this up or dress this down?

  2. ID- Just like I mentioned above, you can dress them down with some rugged boots and a simple button down shirt or dress them up with a spread collar shirt, tie and some nice hardbottoms.

  3. These are unlined, so they have potential to be quite itchy.

  4. @ Tuce: Long Johns. Get on the bandwagon already.

    These would only see the light of day on days below 20F. And being a student, profs love to turn the heat up. Awesome, but I'll stick with my flannel lined chinos (best freeballers ever).

  5. Far too superfluous for me, thanks.

  6. They carry size 28!!! These might be my first pair of big boy pants.

    Haha. The word verification is "manned". I guess I've done this, vertically of course.

  7. Really dude? I don't care how cold it gets, I will not dress like an old man.

    1. 7 years later and you are closer to being that old man whether you want it or not.