Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Woolrich John Rich & Bros. F/W 2010

Woolrich has so much going on both here in The States and abroad that it's easy to lose track of all the new gear coming out each season.  I previewed some of Woolrich John Rich & Bros. F/W 2010 collection (which is also their 180th anniversary) and wrote some choice words about the brand as a whole back in May, but had no idea the entire collection had seen the light of day until this afternoon.  I don't normally repeat myself verbatim, but I think I summed up my thoughts pretty well last time around:

"In recent years Woolrich has been able to simultaneously continue to provide classic goods to their established customer base and reach out to a whole new demographic, myself included.  The 180th Anniversary collection draws from both of these ideas by presenting an almost greatest hits collection of gear from years past.  Look closely and you'll see classic Woolrich silhouettes along with recent additions to their catalog via Daiki Suzuki's Woolen Mills designs and the collective braintrust of John Rich & Bros.  It's a job well done from a consumer standpoint and an incredible snapshot of a brand who for 180 years have done pretty much everything right without ever sacrificing their integrity."

Check out the entire collection, which is much deeper than I initially thought (by my count 29 looks aka one hell of an anniversary present) below.  Select pieces available at Blackbird.



  1. The blackwatch and peacoat/jacket would be my pick.

  2. Woolwrich hardly makes anything anymore. It's just a name. They license that name to various sportswear companies, some based here in the US, some based elswhere (WP in Italy), and those firms design and make the stuff and slap the Woolrich name on it. That 180-year-old firm that gives you such a woody a) doesn't really exist anymore, and b) has nothing whatsoever do with this Italian stuff.

  3. Anon @2:27- I understand that Woolrich licenses their name abroad to WP, but I think you are underestimating the impact their licensing deal has had on the industry as a whole. Trailblazers come in all forms.