Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Custom Varsity

Similarly to cult brand The Temple of Jawnz, House of Billiam specializes in custom varsity jackets.  The UK brand has a pretty simple process in place enabling customers to get not only one of the most sought after pieces in menswear, but one of the most elusive.  It's as simple as picking out your favorite swatches (sourced in the UK) and knowing a few basic measurements.  Three weeks later you've got a custom, hand made varsity jacket ready to help you battle the weather this F/W.  HOB has two varsity models to choose from - a base model featuring melton wool sleeves and a more expensive jacket featuring a melton wool body and leather sleeves.  Both are extremely reasonable as far as made to order outerwear is concerned and when you factor in the timelessness of a varsity jacket you really have one hell of deal on your hands.  There are few cold weather jackets as handsome as a classic varsity and House of Billiam is doing their part to get them on the backs of gents in the UK and abroad.  For both inquiries and orders you can get in touch directly with HOB by emailing info@houseofbilliam.com.



  1. Lawrence - I'm worried about your health. Perhaps your illness is the result of the poor nutrition in your diet. It's time to stop buying superfluous clothing items and focus on improving your health. The grocery store stocks other items besides ramen, Cheez-its, beer, Totino's pizza rolls, etc.


  2. Thanks for your concern M, but my recent illness has nothing to do with my love affair with Cheez-its.

  3. Going to the studio in East London is a must, it is a great buying experience but choosing colours was really hard...I love mine