Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Rediscover America!

They took our jobs!  Well, not really, but right now Allen Edmonds is having their "Rediscover America" sale in honor of Columbus Day and American Manufacturing Week.  From now until the 12th of October you can grab up to 14.92% off (see what they did just there?) on some of AE's most popular styles.  Maybe you want to yell, "Women and children first!" without feeling super awkwardOr maybe you want the style of shoe Michael Bastian is always recommending and wearing himself.  Regardless, check out some new shoes and save a little money all while supporting one of America's last great shoe brands.



  1. Looking forward to the re-release of the Mora this coming Winter. I heard February.

  2. Slick- For real? Where did you hear that?

  3. I read it somewhere online. I'll try and dig up the source for you.

  4. The Strand in brown cordovan is looking pretty good on sale.

  5. It's worth noting that 14.92%, while obviously patriotic, is the STARTING point for the discount; some styles are discounted up to 30%, and the Bayfields -- which I've been borderline obsessed with owning since the first time I saw them -- are 25% off. Sadly, they're on backorder for a month, but that's a small price to pay for a pair of boots that slick for only $260.

  6. I have ordered the bayfield in black! Looking forward enjoying them!
    I also love the strAnds! Has anyone compared the Strand in brown calf with the strand in cordovan? Is the price difference worth enough?

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