Sunday, September 19, 2010

First Look: Unis F/W 2010 Shirting

At some point this weekend you've undoubtedly come across Unis' F/W 2010 lifestyle lookbook.  It's a great visual piece of inspiration and helps set the mood for their new upcoming collection.  All that aside, you may still want a closer look at some of the individual pieces.  Luckily, my dude Shimon over at Unis sent some shots my way showcasing the new shirting from F/W 2010.  I've talked about Unis' shirting before as they feature not only an incredible fit, but one of the coolest collars available from any brand making shirts.  Eunice Lee has always understood how to use color in subtle, yet effective ways and F/W 2010 is no exception.  Blues, yellows and pinks are expertly worked into the standard Fall color pallet and the result is a selection of shirts that would easily compliment any guy's wardrobe.  So whether you're contemplating future purposes or just lusting, enjoy your first look.



  1. 7 Days of Big Boi: Day One

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  2. This made me realize I hadn't looked at the Unis site in a while. Went over there, saw all the S/S shirts were over half off only to realize that they're all sold out. Maybe the same person who does J. Crew's website does Unis's, because it'd be nice if they just told you on the front page that they were sold out, instead of making you click through to each shirt's page.

    Regardless, when I can afford one, I'm going to be all about it. I did, however, buy the last medium Folk shirt in blue from Hickorees, so we'll see how that goes.