Monday, September 27, 2010

Tactical Layering

Farm Tactics is a brand that has gotten a little bit of hype around the blogosphere and it's not hard to see why.  Repurposed materials, a growing collection, and made in the U.S.A. manufacturing are just a few of the reasons Kyle Ng's brand is on the steady come up.  I have been interested in these guys for quite some time, but had yet to find a stockist carrying some of the newer pieces from their ever expanding line.  Well, Context has two impeccable Farm Tactics crew necks up for preorder right now in shades of both blue and red.  I talk about crew neck sweatshirts a lot because they are an essential item that is often hard to get right.  Farm Tactics rolls with a pretty slim fit (think Japanese sizing), which is good in this case.  That's going to help eliminate a blousing effect around the waist and better suit someone who plans on layering pretty heavily in the coming weeks.  You can always get a cheaper crew neck, but I doubt it will be this nice as far as fit, quality and looks are concerned.  And it still comes in at under $100 to boot.  These babies ship Oct. 1st and I have a feeling we are looking at a potential sell out, so get on it if you want it.  If you have any questions about sizing you can always call up the Context guys and they will talk you through it hostage negotiator style.



  1. check this new collection arriving

  2. I'm sure Geoff is wearing one of these in Series 3 of Curb Your Enthusiasm. It's being a little stretched!

  3. Nice layering... but is it just me or is that guy's fly open?

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  5. I can't believe Senor Schlossman posted something not made for the 65+ plus crowd. Bravo!

  6. Anon @1:53- Thanks for the compliment. Old guy style all day, every day!

  7. Fool this is dope. Are you gunna put pix up of that sweatshirt you copped from Albam any time soon or what? I'm still curious about it.

  8. Briefly met Kyle at LAFW when he was showing at Concept. Really nice guy and his collection looks even better in person.

  9. Ha, I was just going to write what Bec said. You should check out the knapsack and moccasins- scroll down:

  10. wow - what a clusteruck of comments.
    just dropping a line that you can order them at unionmade in san francisco as well. cause we all know that context sells out quick. and the union guys are as cool to work with as the context guys.