Monday, January 11, 2010

"Menday" Panelist At Style With Benefits

When Rebecca Lee of Style With Benefits approached me to participate in a new panel/ongoing series called "Menday" I was flattered and excited as I do not normally get to turn the lens on the fairer sex.  The gist is pretty simple: myself and a bunch of fellow bloggers (head on over to SWB to see the impressive line-up) comment on some wears for the ladies.  It is an interesting undertaking that tries to determine what guys really think of all the trends present in women's fashion. Check it out to see both the incredibly honest and the incredibly biting. Oh yeah, and a picture of me being mysterious.


  1. Thanks so much for posting this. One day I expect to get a full frontal pic. OK, that just sounds wrong, but you know what I mean. Thanks again!

  2. Enjoyed your insight into women's fashion on Bec's site, which by they way is quite good as well. I stumbled on your site over the holidays, as The Trad had a link to it, and really enjoy what you put together. I also get frustrated with the limited shopping opportunities for guys in Charlotte, but it is even worse in Winston...ha-ha! Anyways, keep up the great work! - Rob

  3. Rob- I went to WFU so I know how frustrating shopping in Winston can be. Actually, I dont think I went shopping once in my 4 years there unless I was home for break or whatnot. Thanks for the kind words and keep reppin' for NC!