Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Obama Jeans

A while back we had a pretty big debate on washed denim.  It was parts dogmatic, rude, impassioned and, overall, downright fantastic.  For those of you who absolutely hate washed denim you probably want to close out this tab - I'm not all that keen on bringing back that whole beautiful disaster for a sequel.  But, for those of you interested in washed denim, or maybe even looking to scoop up a pair, let me direct you to Tres Bien Shop's restock of Our Legacy's stone selvedge denim.  These jeans are the best washed denim not named Cucinelli.  The stone washed, red selvedge fabric looks really good in person and the jeans are in that great slim-straight cut that looks good on pretty much everyone.  And how can we talk about these jeans without mentioning that handmade patch?  Washed jeans are virtually a year round option, but I'm inclined to think they work better in the S/S in both the functional and aesthetic sense.  Now, that doesn't mean your new Our Legacy denim is going to sit packed away in your closet for 6 months or anything like that.  I simply wanted to clarify its relative strong points.  No matter how you feel about washed denim, I think we can all agree that Barack could use a new pair.



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  2. Those look huuuuuuge, man. I do like that patch though.


    @Mens Style 101

    Stop shamelessly promoting yourself on other people's blogs. Really not cool, man. You didn't even have anything to add to this conversation about denim.

  3. @Mens Style 101

    Not sure if that was a bad joke via the post on HTTTGAP post the other day, or you just being a bad person.

  4. Said post one too many times. Fuck everything.

  5. I like washed denim a lot (indigo doesn't go with everything) but I still prefer them to have a rich, consistent color. The wash on these look a little too 90s for me.

  6. LAS - incredibly ironic you posted on washed denim... I just stopped in Niche Mkt in Charlotte last night and picked up a pair of Pike Brothers washed selvedge. Had never seen the brand before but always like supporting the local biz. Great stuff per usual on Sart Inc.

  7. @ DaveC Ironic? That's not ironic at all. Funny, but not ironic.

    Why anyone would go with anything other than Levis for their washed denim is beyond me. It's not selvedge, but it's also cheap. And between the 501, 514, and 511, not a single person is left out. Now these will probably last way longer than a pair of Levis, but people are working with budgets.

    My question is: will these still fade to your wallet? Probably a little, but definitely not to the extent of raw. Feedback on how washed denim wears? That's what I'd like to hear.

  8. Ironic - coincidental, unexpected... a couple of the hundreds of definitions of irony/ironic. i.e. I was purchasing washed selvedge as LAS was writing about washed selvedge. Regardless, I appreciate the feedback and your comments on Levis. Buying selvedge denim that has already been washed/faded does somewhat defeat the purpose of buying high quality denim and paying a premium... so your point is certainly understood. But ultimately for me it was not a religious decision... I saw the jeans, they had my size, they fit perfect, I liked the story about the manufacturer and the local store that sold them (only place in US that carries Pike Bros.)so I bought them. I'd also add that from the knee down they fill the gap between 514 and 511. http://www.pikebrothersshop.com/epages/61700288.sf/en_US/?ObjectPath=/Shops/61700288/Products/P01020238/SubProducts/p01020238-0013

  9. The ironic thing is Obama only wears APC now.

  10. @DaveC:
    Ironic - "happening in the opposite way to what is expected, and typically causing wry amusement because of this : [with clause ] it was ironic that now that everybody had plenty of money for food, they couldn't obtain it because everything was rationed."

    As it appears, ironic is not coincidence. Thank you M-W.

    Also, thanks for the feedback, though it was my fault for not making it clear that the question was not directly pointed at you. It was not an assault on your choice of purchase. It was more of a general question to all washed selvedge wearers on how their jeans broke in.