Monday, October 25, 2010

Rogues Gallery F/W 2010

Rogues Gallery is in a curious spot.  Designer/founder Alex Carleton currently has his hands full with L.L. Bean Signature and I've heard rumblings about RG cutting back due to this very fact.  F/W 2010's first offerings have hit the web and I can't say for sure who is responsible.  It could be Alex himself, the last of Aaron Levine's gear from when he was handling menswear or someone else entirely.  The selection is small, 10 pieces in all not including tees, but I can't imagine this is it.  Regardless of any slowed down production, a company with this level popularity and amount of stockists would be foolish not to have some more gear lined up to be released over the next few months.  The pants are the highlight for me personally, with snapfronts popping up at yet another Americana inspired brand.  This style pant, along with front pocket cargos in general, really seems to be all over the goddamn place these days - interestingly enough, two of these options come from Carleton lead brands.  Luckily, they kick ass and it's always good as a consumer to have a ton of options to choose from.  Whether you hate blaze orange or love it, at least Rogues is giving you something to talk about.



  1. Speaking on Fred's behalf, we've been a big fan of his MB pants, sans the button fly -- extreme chafing. Do these RG pants have a zipper fly? We don't want to run into the same problem again.

  2. Three of these pieces are the same polo in different colors and two are a sweatshirt in different colors. All in all it looks like 7 new pieces. This is pretty sad.

  3. I happened to see this too on their webshop yesterday. I had no clue that they had just put up their new gear but my first thought when I saw it was that I was completely unimpressed. Those pants are great for a fisherman who needs to be noticed when goiong overboard on rough seas but otherwise no thanks.

    Also, I know from a couple of retail buddies that RG already announced a couple of months ago that they would be having trouble with their deliveries.