Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Stretch Armstrong

One of the coolest things I saw at this past (caspule) NY was a crazy elastic belt from Kitsune.  The reason you didn't read about it on here was because that shit was so overpriced that I just couldn't bring myself to reinforce their negative behavior.  Anyone intrigued by what they've read so far or wondering what the hell I am talking about should definitely check out Folk's Buckley belt, which is pretty much the exact same thing Kitsune was pushing except priced as a belt should.  Aside from the small sections of leather the belt is primarily made up of an elastic zigzag weave.  From what I've seen in person this kind of belt is very comfortable, can account for a little bit of that extra vacation weight (should you go on one) and has a really cool texture to it.  Folk makes their gear in England and this belt features Italian sourced fabric - I'm going to go ahead and assume that is some of the finest elastic money can buy.  Still trying to pull together some F/W novelty?

[Picture courtesy of Nick.]



  1. or you can buy the same thing, albeit without the pattern, for $12.

  2. ". . . can account for a little bit of that extra vacation weight (should you go on one). . ."

    Don't think I have ever seen a non-adjustable belt? Do you buy them blank and have a special belt tailor punch a single hole?

    I'll stick with my trusty extension cord on days when I decide to wear pants that don't fit for some reason.

  3. Incred- I figured someone was going to herb out on that one. Congrats, bud.

  4. Just as they do for all things, O'Connells has you covered for the stretchy belt:

  5. I must adjust my focus to look the

  6. Just ordered this, can't wait till this belt comes in! Really diggin the blog!