Monday, October 11, 2010

“How I Get Dressed” with Patrick Grant

"Getting dressed is a moment of calm, I think, in each day.  It's a moment that's entirely our own.  It's a moment when nothing else can disturb us. And I think it's something we need to learn to enjoy once again."  How the man gets dressed. As seen on Put This On.

Patrick Grant: How I Get Dressed from Chris Floyd on Vimeo.



  1. Mr. Grant is wasting some of his morning. Lay it out (or, in the case of shirt and jacket, hang it out) the evening before. Likewise, add the collar stays, wind the tie around and beneath the collar and insert the pocket square the night before. Naturally, choose the shoes as well. Oh -- his jacket and trousers are a bit too long.

  2. Underpants then pants. Except on weekends.

  3. No hate at all--dude is awesome. But I would also really enjoy getting dressed if I had "a good wardrobe" of bespoke clothes waiting for me at my Savile Row studio.

  4. truly doesnt get much better than this. and to quote killa, no homo.

  5. what a queer, they're only clothes, imagine the process he goes thru picking his lunch at noon, the thought that goes into banging his wife

    "as I cycle home i like to think of the positions I would like to do my wife in that night, I always like to do my wife well and correctly. I'm lucky to keep a good range of sex toys in my dungeon"

  6. I don't get the need of some people to type something here even though they have obviously nothing to say.
    Nice video indeed.

  7. what a cock, I'm sorry

  8. Has he gone and ripped off A. SAUVAGE "Art of De"
    what a L-O-S-E-R

  9. A genuine comment; Please consider what you are creating and apply the same care and precision to film making as you claim you do to dressing. This is cheaply produced and slap-dash. A dashing gentleman would bring those delicious warm reds, and ooey-gooey yummy chocolate browns out of the M&S Advert, and take a leap away from Mrs. Nigella. Please Sir, present the sharp, masculine tradition appropriately. That said your close up's are semi-redeaming. If only the presentation itself were a compilation of the close ups only. Poor form son, better luck next time.