Tuesday, October 19, 2010

B.D. Baggies F/W 2010

The blogosphere can be swift and deadly sometimes.  Meaning, one day you're reading 7 seperate posts about the revival of classic New York brand B.D. Baggies and then they're gone.  Not in the literal sense, of course, but things move so quick around these parts.  If it's not the latest and greatest thing, well, you're probably going to have to go looking for it yourself.  I am just as guilty of perpetuating this as the next blogger so consider this an observation and not a complaint - no whining.  So, let's talk about B.D. Baggies. Again.  Their F/W 2010 collection is out and it's solid.  Nothing mind-blowing by any stretch of the imagination, but simple, good looking gear.  Since it came back I've considered these guys a Save Khaki "diffusion line" more than anything else.  SK's  founder/designer David Mullen handles similar duties at BDB and both brands share virtually the exact same aesthetic - basic American sportswear staples.  The major difference is that SK focuses much more on American manufacturing (Save Khaki United specifically), while from my experience B.D. Baggies is made primarily overseas (what up, India).  I had never been hands on with B.D. Baggies up until this weekend.  At a Barney's outlet I got to try some stuff on and was particularly impressed with the shirts.  They are slim fitting (a tad bit more than Brooks Brothers' extra-slim fit), washed for supreme comfortability and have a very casual cut.  If you've ever owned a shirt from Gant Rugger or Lands End Canvas you know what I mean by casual cut.  You could tuck this shirt in if you really wanted to, but ultimately its purpose is best served untucked due to its shorter length.  Anyhow, check out the F/W 2010 collection below (fedora danger, Will Robinson!) and maybe pick up some casual basics if you see fit.



  1. I'm afraid the only "baggies" a gentleman needs is for weed.

    Sorry, L.

  2. Skipp- I hope your mom doesn't read this blog...

  3. I want to, I really, really want to like this line, but when I saw the spring collection at Bloomies, I was disappointed with the quality. Loose threads on several shirts, not just one, and fabric that felt flimsy. Soft but not strong. Maybe they have improved it on this second collection.

  4. Gap quality and gap looks at Barney's prices? Pass.

  5. Once upon a time, BDB had the best chambray dress type shirt ever. It was like a BB shirt in its details, but in workwear chambray. It was great. I loved that shirt. So sorry, it's gone.

    I am puzzled why you'd even use the name if you were planning nothing but extra slim fits, but I'm literal like that, I guess.


  6. The Striking FellowOctober 19, 2010 at 2:22 PM

    I don't know a lot about their fw line. Haven't seen much of it in the flesh yet apart from a quick glance in a store today.

    Quality wise, though, it should be in the same category as SK. I know where that is produced and if I'm not mistaken they make BD Baggies as well.

  7. Patrick KicklighterOctober 19, 2010 at 3:35 PM

    This shit should be called "Old Navy Plus"