Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Option #2

So those D.S. Dundee fairisle socks sold out quick, eh?  In the immortal words of Mr. Carter himself, "On to the next one."  Brooks Brothers has their own $20-ish fairisle socks and a nice little 25% off if you get three pairs or more as well.  Being the salesmen of Trad that they are, these socks are a tad less bold that the D.S. Dundee joints.  They are monochromatic and in the same vein as Thom Browne's own Black Fleece version for BB.  This is either a good thing or a bad thing depending on how your ankles get down.  Keeping things monochromatic actually helps balance out the Christmas-y shtick inherent in anything fairisle.  Nobody wants to look at full on rainbow snowflakes when you take a seat in a meeting.  Keep in mind these Vermont knit socks are a merino wool, nylon and spandex blend so comfort is a huge factor in pulling the trigger on a few pairs.  Fairisle socks from The Brethren - a solid option #2.


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  1. Big L,

    While I was blog scrolling on the shitter this morning, I noticed a nasty typo on your online store. Fix that shit. ASAP.

    I think you meant "Exclusive to Run of The Mill."

    Happy to help a brutha out, especially in times of desperation.


    "Exclusive to Run of This Mill"

    Mark McNairy's coaches jacket is a less rugged take on the classic Barbour jacket.

    Details include: waxed cotton, flannel lining, tab collar and features a drawstring at the waist.