Monday, October 18, 2010

WWD's Blink Factor

Good friend of Sart Inc and intergalactic marketing warrior John Jannuzzi sent a wonderfully superficial article my way this morning.  WWD not only goes in on dudes with terrible style (read: dad jeans, sandals, velour track suits), but also surveyed a laundry list of "industry" women to get their thoughts on what they first notice, style wise, on a guy.  Yeah, this shit is more than a little Cosmo, but I can't imagine you're not a least a tad bit curious as to what Jenna Lyons, Eunice Lee or, god forbid, Kate Moss thinks about your clothes when you hang out.  What's the takeaway from this hard hitting reporting, you ask?  Don't be ugly and, more importantly, don't dress like a scrub.

Sophia Bush: "The first thing I notice is always shape, tailoring. When men are in beautifully fitted clothes, they don't have to be in anything over-the-top exceptional. But I can always tell when a guy is wearing a really great pair of pants, because of the way they fit."

Salma Hayek: "When he moves easily in his clothes. They can't be too stiff."

Vanessa Paradis: "What I like is just the way they are when you know they haven't spent too long on themselves—that they have gotten ready quickly and still look good."

Katie Holmes: "Cool jeans and cool T-shirts."

Christian Serratos: "Probably the jeans, if we're talking strictly fashion. If they hang really low, it just looks stupid."

Shiva Rose: "The way his jeans fit. You don't want them to be too baggy or too tight. The worst is when they are tight on top and loose on the bottom. Either do a skinny jean or a baggy jean—not both!"

Joanna Krupa: "It's just about the attitude, the way he comes into a room. The worst? Oh my God, those jeans where the boxers are showing— that has to go. It's been, what, five years? It's not cool anymore."

Eunice Lee, Unis: "I tend to notice bad style first: I'll think how horrible his jeans, sunglasses or shoes are. But when a guy has great style, it's usually because he's understated, so then I'll notice his eyes or face fi rst. The clothing should never overpower the guy."

Rachel Roy: "I notice intelligence, happiness and a good accent."

Lea Drucker: "I like the lived-in look. Serge Gainsbourg is my men's wear style icon."

Charlotte Gainsbourg: "His face."

Catherine Deneuve: "Probably the cuff links. I like men who wear cuff links."

Dita Von Teese: "It's important to notice the man, not the outfit."

Noémie Lenoir: "Beautiful jeans with a beautiful butt in it."

Ludivine Sagnier:
"I always look at the shape of their trousers. The pants have to fit the legs well."

Kate Moss: "His jacket."

Aliz Goldwyn: "I'm a sucker for a suit!"

Rachel Bilson: "It's always the shoes. I like vintage boots."

Sienna Guillory: "Shoes and socks. The bits on the bottom are so hard to get right—very few men do. Like where the bottom of the pants meets the shoes….And a good pair of Italian shoes—nothing beats it."

Nathalie Rykiel: "The first thing I notice is the way he looks at me. A man can get away with almost anything. My favorite look is a T-shirt with trousers and a jacket, or a sweater with trousers slightly baggy, but not too much. The silhouette I detest is tight pants with a tight jacket."

Donna Karan: "When I look at a man, it's never one thing. I see the whole picture all at once."

Sarah Silverman: "I am turned off by cologne. I like a man to smell like a man."

Anna Mouglalis: "Something that is subtle, effortless. [The ideal is] to not see it at fi rst."

Fanny Ardant: "His skin."

Delphine Arnault: "His shoes…and his hands."

Lou Doillon: "I don't like men who look after themselves too much. I do like it when they're not wearing anything."

Rebecca Minkoff: "The first thing I instantly notice about a man's style is the bag he's carrying. I look to see if the bag's been broken in, the shape, the color. You're able to tell a lot about the guy by what he carries."

Jenna Lyons, J. Crew: "Shoes. If the toe is square, I'm out."

Michele Hicks: "I look at the way his clothes fit overall. It doesn't really matter what style they are, I just don't like sloppy, like when things are too oversize. I like to see what's underneath."



  1. i'm quite certain that I would wear cuff links every day for Catherine Deneuve...

  2. BRB, going to buy some cool T-shirts.

  3. ^^Haha.

    Katie Holmes on mens style. That was a much needed laugh. Thanks, Lawrence.

  4. Oh Dita von Tesse, the outfit MAKES the man.

  5. like the whole world hasn't seen kate moss naked already, as if we needed tips from her.