Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Attn: Brooks Brothers Peal & Co. Monk Strap On Sale

As much as I pimp the hell out of double monk straps there is something to be said about the elegance and class of standard monk straps.  If you're on the hunt for a new pair of shoes for the office, or to wear with your suits in general, you may want to think about a pair of brown calfskin Peal & Co. monk straps currently sitting at 50% off courtesy of Brooks Brothers.  I've only heard good things about BB's upscale, English made Peal & Co. line.  While the shoes are not made by Peal & Co. any longer (Brooks purchased the name a while back), Brooks does utilize various respectable English shoemakers - recent shoes seem to be made by Alfred Sargent.  As to be expected, these monk straps are Goodyear welted and feature quality hardware.  Some folks have compared the quality of these shoes to Alden and if that is to be believed the $244 price tag is a relative steal.  Pretty much every size outside of 9 is available, and in different widths, so there must have been quite the oversight when they placed the order.  Or maybe the average Brooks Brothers customer is just going senile in his old age.



  1. LAS, do you wear your monk straps out casually or are they strictly office wear for you?

  2. Monk straps are a curious beast. Too clunky and you've got some bad 00s shoes. Too thin, and you're rocking girls shoes. These look to be a tad clunky. I'd grade these a sartorial black diamond... but an easier black diamond.

  3. It looks like there are two similarly-named monkstraps floating around; one at this price and the other at the full price. My size is only available at the full price.