Friday, October 1, 2010

The Windmill Club F/W 2010

My dude K. Burrows and is back with his latest collection of handmade, self-tipped, dead stock silk and New York City made neckwear.  We've seen some impressive stuff out of The Windmill Club already, but this is by far the strongest collection Kevin has pulled together to date.  The club ties, featuring whimsical crowns and old timey bicycles, are instant favorites, as are the great tartan bows.  I was recently hanging out with Kevin and I remember him mentioning something about widening his ties a little for an even more classic style.  Anyhow, check it all out below (these guys are making the best videos in the game by the way) and be on the lookout for some new 2.75" joints to round out your tie rack.  For more on Kevin and The Windmill Club be sure to hit the tag at the bottom of the post.

The Windmill Club AW 2010 from Buffalo Picture House on Vimeo.



  1. who makes that tweed jacket?

  2. Soooo all they do is make skinny ties?

  3. Yo LAS. This stuff is nice. I'm curious as to why the collection is so insanely small and limited. One website's shop info it says each items production quantity and it ranges from 10 to 20 pieces produced. That seems to be an insanely small amount.

  4. re 2:47 -- yeah that's all they do. there's a handful of these skinny tie hobby companies popping up. i don't know why they don't just sell 'em on Etsy.

  5. Nice film, they seem like chill people just doing what they like, no reason to hate on that. I really dig that green one with the crowns.

  6. Agree about the crowns and the black unicycle(?) tie is dope as well- Lawrence, what does mean that the silk is dead stock?

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  8. Real nice and tasty collection.
    But they really have to show HOW to wear them better... ;0)