Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Grave Robbing Vs. Saving 20%

"That jacket's really cool, but kinda smells like a dead guy."

"It's a Barbour and I got a great deal on it."

"That's usually what happens when you buy stuff from a dead guy."

The above is an exchange I had with my brother after I got my first Barbour off eBay.  Whenever you buy something used you run the risk of any potential issues left by the previous owner.  It could be some structural damage or maybe that signature grandma's attic/death scent.  This wont always be the case, but it's something to take into consideration.  You never know.  In some instances Febreze and soapy water (see: cleaning instructions) will fix everything.  In other cases it will not.  If your aversion to buying used gear has prevented you from securing that first or next Barbour, you may want to head over to Raleigh, North Carolina clothier Nowell's.  Right now they are offering 20% off all Barbour outerwear when you use the coupon code "FALL" at checkout.  Color and size combinations are pretty hit or miss right now, but with a little bit of effort you should be able to find pretty good options in your size.  The sale is no longer being advertised so there is no telling how long it's gonna last.  Both the iconic Beaufort and Bedale are accounted for, but not much else, so let's take a quick second to differentiate between the two.  While they look virtually identical there are some striking differences.  The Beaufort was, and still is, a hunting coat, while the Bedale is made for riding.  The Beaufort is ventless due to its nice sized game pouch across the bottom half of the jacket.  The Bedale, on the other hand, has side vents with snap closures to aid in a rider's movements.  They both look great and either one is a fantastic F/W option, but you already knew that.



  1. You brother needs a stronger presence on this blog. He used to be featured on the regular when you first started this thing, and now his presence is sterile. Did you two have a falling out?

  2. Truth. I got a Bedale recently and it smells like a mechanic's garage. I hear this is typical of waxed cotton.

  3. The brooklyn circus likes that

  4. Concerned- I wouldn't say he was featured on the regular, but I guess he could be reasserted. No falling out at all btw.

  5. What timing - yours truly bought her first Barbour yesterday (Bedale). The guy I'm dating said it looked like a man's coat and I should take it back. Now I'm torn between returning the coat or returning the guy.

  6. @Hannah return the guy. Brownie points for being a babe in Barbour. #alliteration

  7. Hannah- Congrats on having better style than your man. As far as returning him, let's remember not to judge people solely based on their clothes. With that being said, he sounds super lame.

  8. I was thinking about buying one, but when i realized that these jackets have a smell to them I walked away !!!!!!!!!!
    I'm very very sensitive of strange smells and I would be able to wear it...
    I went to a store to "smell one" ... lol ... and even the new one had a strange smell to it.. I even laughed with the lady from the store. She asked me if I wanted to se a particular model. And I said: -No, I'm just here to smell it !!!!!!!
    And she said:
    - You know sir, ur not the first to do this, don't be afraid to get your nose in there ...

  9. One, I'm beyond disturbed that a man would publicly state that he's sensitive to strange smells, ye gads . . . please don't buy a Barbour, perhaps a nice bolero jacket instead?

    And for the ladies, a woman must never buy her own Barbour. It simply isn't done.

  10. I've bought a number of items from ebay. One a 1960s Kilgour tweed was a bit musty, but in great condition. Plus, my dry cleaners smells like very strong Korean food. So, when I picked it up after alterations it was a nice blend of smells I didn't want to give off. Luckily there is a premier dry cleaner nearby. A few days later and it's high quality, well fitted, and neutral smelling.