Monday, October 11, 2010

Gant F/W 2010 Sample Sale Intel

Reader Nacho Broadway was kind enough to provide us with a pretty thorough rundown of Gant's F/W 2010 sample sale going on until Friday in NYC.

"Very limited list for today, straight upstairs to the 11th floor. Menswear - Lots [of]: mediums & larges, sweaters, dress shirts, polos, heavy coats, pants (cords, trousers, jeans), scarfs, bags (leather/cloth), and cuff links.  Decent amount: blazers, jackets (leather, varsity), light coats, ties, and t-shirts.  Limited: Small & XL+, Michael Bastian, vests, hats, and gloves."

Detailed price list:
Dress shirts, sweatshirts, polos, rugby's – $29
Sweaters (cotton/wool) – $35
Sweaters (cashmere) – $45
T-shirts – $15
Pants/jeans/sweatpants – $25
Blazers - $95
Leathers/suede/shearling – $195
Outerwear – Short/light $50, long/heavy $95
Vests – $45
Cuff links – $18
Gloves – knit $15, leather $25
Hats – $15
Scarves – $15
Ties – $19
Wallets/small Leather goods – $15



  1. Jacket in this picture is amazing. I made sure to make it to the S/S sample sale and had a seriously tough time finding a shirt in a small. Tons of great pieces but I was only able to find one decent polo that fit me. Limited amount of small is not an understatement.

  2. wonder how long those varsities last for??...

  3. This is bullshit. Why do I have to pay full price for this stuff? Sample sales are wack, unless you're there.

  4. Chris - you're lucky if you found a small at all. Sample sales are usually composed of samples, which are almost always mediums. There are no smalls at this sale, I know it for a fact.

  5. Damnit, I noticed some people were going to it today when the poster said it starts tomorrow. Hope they didn't cop too much small shit, I'm headed in tmrw to clean out what's left in my size.

  6. Passed by today and although they have a sign with a L and a sign with a M there was no S sign to be seen. Someone asked and I overheard a guy who works there say they no longer have a good quantity of smalls. Good thing I'm a M.