Friday, October 8, 2010

Attn: Gant F/W 2010 Sample Sale

If you live in the tri-state area you best get your ass to NYC October 12-15th to take advantage of the glory that is the Gant F/W 2010 sample sale.  I would probably plan on being there as soon as possible since the Rugger and Gant by MB stuff is definitely not going to last long.  I know for a fact that the prices are right and that the selection is good.  If you wear a 40R jacket, 32 waist and consider yourself a medium this sale should be a priority.  Your mental preparation begins now.



  1. Cop me a Small in the yellow slicker? :)

  2. Lawr - We should meet up for hash browns first. Hit me up if you down.

  3. Trav- I was actually lucky enough to have my man on the inside proxy the sample sale for me, haha. I got a Gant by MB suit and some trousers. But next time I'm in the city I'll be sure to holler at your and JKissi. Stay good.

  4. yo l.a.s, shit is unrelated but since your a connoisseur of such brands, do you recommend sizing down for a tailored fit on lands end canvas shirts?

  5. Ron Jaworski- Don't size down. LEC's shirting has a pretty modern fit, in fact, I find them almost too short to tuck in.

  6. hey LAS. I want to know what exactly a sample sale is. All I know is that it is the stuff that was in the showrooms to show store owners the garments that they wanted to buy. Do they have different sizes or they only have the sizes that you stated above. 40 suit 32 pants medium shirts. Thanks cuh.

  7. Anon @ 5:33 - Since Lawrence is on his way to Vegas for the weekend, I'll answer this one.

    Sample Sales are usually comprised of mismatched "test" pieces that generally vary in sizing. Depending on the vendor and the designer's preference, you might find one collection's test items in a ton of small sizes and another season in a larger sizes.

    If you live within a reasonable distance, your best bet is to hit up a few (early, no less) to see for yourself.

  8. Great sale, though I would add that the past 2 years or so they have restocked regularly throughout the 3 days of sale, so no need to rush on the first day per se. See you all there.

  9. Hi, my name is LAS and I don't blog on the weekends cuz I want people to think that I have a busy lifestyle and always have something to do.

  10. No restocking on the MB stuff. Once its gone its gone.

  11. very limited MB, picked up the MB Down Parka for $95 and the Half-Zip Padded Windbreaker for $50.
    no list for today, straight upstairs to the 11th floor.
    Lots: Mediums & Large, sweaters, dress shirts, polos, heavy coats, pants(cords, trousers, jeans), scarfs, bags(leather/cloth), cuff links
    Decent amount: blazers, jackets(leather, varsity), light coats, ties, tshirts,
    Limited: Small & XL+, Michael Bastian, vests, hats, gloves

    More detailed price list;
    Dress shirts, sweatshirts, polos, rugbys – $29
    Sweaters – Cotton/Wool – $35
    Sweaters – Cashmere – $45
    T-shirts $15
    Pants/Jeans/Sweatpants – $25
    Blazers $95
    Leathers/Suede/Shearling – $195
    Outerwear – Short/Light $50 Long/Heavy- $95
    Vests – $45
    Cufflinks – $18
    Gloves Knit – $15, Leather $25
    Hats $15
    Scarves – $15
    Ties – $19
    Wallets/Small Leather goods – $15

  12. MB is practically all gone. A few Rugger blazers lying around. Plenty of main line Gant dress/casual shirts, cords, jeans, etc. Also a decent selection of ties, bags, cufflinks, and scarves as noted above. Disappointing selection of MB/Rugger- seems the VIPs got to it early...

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