Friday, October 29, 2010

Attn: Mark McNairy for PRO-Keds Now Available

While you're digging around UO's site looking for all that new J. Press gear you love to hate (it's still there, I promise) make sure to check out Mark McNairy's collaboration with PRO-Keds that was first announced back in January.  UO stocked up on the better colorways that feature vibrant suede and natural gum soles - Mark's take on red brick sole for sneakers.  The sneakers come in at $100, but that's not incredibly ridiculous, especially considering these sneakers are most likely never going to get made again.  I know for a fact some of you style guys used to be sneakerheads so I am sure at least a few of you appreciate what is going on here.  These PRO-Keds retain all the great parts of an exclusive sneaker drop, while maintaining the classic aesthetic that should be a necessity when buying sneakers in the first place.


[Editor's Note: Beat the system before it's too late.]


  1. For the sneakerhead crowd, he means: Mark McNairy x PRO-Keds x Urban Outfitters.

  2. These are 66 bucks including shipping with the stacked discounts. Not bad.