Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Stumbled Across: Brad Pitt And Tom Ford Kill It in 2007

[Pictured: "The Many Lives of Brad Pitt", V Magazine, Sept. 2007.]

Having just talked about both plaid suits and single breasted, big-ass peak lapels (Mr. Ford's calling card) I couldn't have stumbled onto this editorial/photo spread featuring Brad Pitt at a better time.  In case you were wondering that's all Tom Ford everything circa 2007. I doubt I could afford this stuff on consignment today.



  1. you can kinda see his package lol

  2. Will- Your mind's in the gutter son.

  3. While it's had plenty of mixed opinions, if it's still showing in the independent movie house of Charlotte, go see 'A Single Man'.

    I went knowing something about the story line and having heard the mixed reviews, but really because I figured it was going to be visually stunning.

    As such, I thought the movie on the whole was pretty awesome - costume, cinematography, cast.

  4. Plaid suits look good on Brad Pitt because he's a cool dude.