Thursday, March 4, 2010

Attn: The Red Soul Longwing

Red brick sole mania continues with the latest offering from Hawaiian shoe extraordinaire Leather Soul and Alden. I'm not the biggest fan of choosing the Gant last here, which is a little too "shapely" for an RBS in my opinion, but their is no denying just how unique this collaboration is.  The shoe is a red walnut calfskin, with brass eyelets and a chunky red micorubber sole.  The RBS choice makes perfect sense when you think about all the attention red brick has been getting lately and it's nice to see Leather Soul addressing the concerns about the often quick wearing of a typical red brick sole (this one happens to be pretty diesel).  Available in sizes 6-11D for $450.00, this shoe buff's dream is available now.  I can't even imagine how good these are going to look with some rolled denim or chinos - a straight up "vintage Americana" masterpiece.



  1. Interestingly to those interested in what is broadly seen as dull micro rubber soles aren't the hardest wearing.

    Buy with Goodyear welt, enjoy the RBS, get them resoled when it comes on top.

    Crepe's harder wearing.


    No bother either way.

  2. Not feeling the RBS and the leather. Throws the balance of the shoe off.