Monday, March 8, 2010

Lusting After: Paul Stuart Byron aka CSI: Footwear

If you've ever checked out Brooks Brothers' Peal & Co. Collection you have probably seen this image:

As far as I can tell this unique number is no longer in production, which is a shame when you consider just how fly they are.  The lacing system, tassels, broguing and plaid tongue really set this baby off and I've been curious about finding a similar shoe for a very, very long time.  You can only imagine my surprise when I was on the Paul Stuart website and came across their Byron model.

While this shoe doesn't have the plaid detailing of the BB shoe (you can look at this as a positive considering it yields a more year round friendly shoe) it is almost identical in all other aesthetic aspects.  A little research will tell you that Paul Stuart's shoes are made by Grenson and not Peal & Co. so whether or not this shoe is guilty of aping I will leave up to you.  Regardless of all the politics that may or may not be at work, I'm seriously digging these.

The ubiquity of the wingtip is both a good and bad thing.  While it's great that guys are actually starting to care about what's on their feet (square toe shoes are the sartorial equivalent of the zombie apocalypse), it's also annoying to walk down the street and see 5 guys wearing pretty much the same pair of shoes.  Luckily with enough digging around shoes, like the Byron, with unique detailing pop up ever now and again.  If anything is for certain it's that standing out isn't cheap and these beauts will run you just under $700.  From what I've read about the quality of Paul Stuart's shoes this seems half way "reasonable" and since there isn't an alternative as far as I've seen (cough, get on it Brooks, cough) you really don't have a choice - well, besides just lusting of course.



  1. PS has been selling this shoe for several years....I bought a pair about two years's called a ghillie style and looks great with Argyll's a much better quality product than the BB shoe which actually looked a bit cheesy particularly with the tartan tongue.

  2. BJ- I am well aware of the lacing system is called a "ghillie", but had no idea PS had been selling this for years. It is becoming quite apparent that you have quite the wardrobe sir. Thanks for the heads up.

  3. "It is becoming quite apparent that you have quite the wardrobe sir."

    .....Accumulated over many years and many screw ups

  4. LAS...BTW did you ever take a look at that Tyrwhitt double monk in black at a modest $325 (reduced from $650) I directed you to?

  5. BJ- Yessir. I found 'em and they are fly, but I'm going to save up for either the perfect pair (I'm dying for a pair in brown).

  6. LAS(I'm dying for a pair in brown).

    ....Yep those Brown CJ's look pretty good but the Tyrwhitt black looked pretty good in the flesh too(and I'm picky) with grey flannels and blazer to give you the Parisian professional class's almost a uniform there.

  7. monk straps, grey flannels and a blazer.

    A uniform indeed.

    For 23rd Overthehill Squadron?

  8. Mr Brown said..."For 23rd Overthehill Squadron?"

    ....And you think the 23rd would wear double monks.....I can see you're a really sophisticated social observer who spends a lot of time looking at RL catalogs.

  9. ....Not your fighting 23rds blazer


    I got lucky scoring these! They must be an earlier model or something, very different color than what you posted, but I love them!