Thursday, July 22, 2010

Wooden Sleepers

So I meet this gentleman, Brian Davis, while in NYC through a mutual friend and he just so happens to not only be an awesome guy, but an incredibly stylish cat as well.  On top of that Brian runs the best Etsy shop around. Seriously.  If you are a guy who fancies vintage gear you should probably check out Wooden Sleepers ASAP.  The backstory is pretty simple.  Brian and his girlfriend love to go vintage shopping all over the northeast, hitting up the secret spots that nobody knows about.  From these buying trips Brian curates a pretty amazing selection of top notch second hand goods that would fit right into your closet and home.  Everything's affordable, unique and just as rad as Brian's own personal style.  It's one of those little corners of the internet that once you visit you wish you had known about months ago.  Wooden Sleepers works really hard at recreating that incredible vintage spot that's near and dear to your heart - I think they've nailed it and I'm sure you'll agree.



  1. ehhhh... I was a little disappointed. few goods for sale and several in iffy condition, sort of shallow selection, and those NYC metro area vintage prices. I'm glad that my thrift store isn't much like this one.

  2. Love those blue Randy's. Old school

  3. Love the camel jacket and the belt

  4. Etsy? Really?

    Shit is mad sartorially crisply understated YO!