Tuesday, July 20, 2010

(capsule) NY: Camo

One of the best things about doing the trade show circuit, at least as a enthusiast, is finding new brands who haven't blown up stateside yet.  Such was the case with Italian brand Camo.  Stefano Ughetti, Camo's designer, was extremely personable and excited to be showing his clothes to an American audience.  The construction and fabrics (many of which are sourced in Biella) were so well done as were the details, like buttoned flap hacking pockets on the pants.  There weren't many pleats and creases at (capsule) NY so it was refreshing to see a brand devoted to structure and super clean lines.  I'll be sure to scan the lookbook for you guys as soon as possible because to say this stuff was fresh would not be doing it justice.



  1. The DB with notch lapels reminds me of Eddie Murphy in 48 Hours. Not really sure that is significant in any way, it's just what came to mind.

  2. Mark McNairy is really hitting his stride (actually apart from the denim bootees which are a bit Andy Pandy) and some of the other stuff is interesting too. Brilliant reporting; don't always agree with you (vide denim bootees) but keep it coming. Congratulations.


  3. are you te guy in the vest?
    I was seeing the capsule website and one of the brand that I loved was Camo !!!! nice ...
    How is capsule going on???

  4. I really like the pattern on that coat.

  5. I met Stephano at the Jane on Saturday night. Seems like a really down to earth and friendly cat. His stuff looks amazing. Hopefully someone bought it stateside so we don't have to proxy this shit.
    Get that scan up quick fast on the double.

  6. Oh man. All of the stuff I've been seeing about (capsule) NY on blogs and what not has been pretty average, ubiquitous stuff. But this, this is a breath of fresh air. I'm actually pretty excited.