Monday, July 26, 2010

Griffin F/W 2010

Drawing inspiration from American military uniforms of the 50's and 60's (check it), Griffin's F/W 2010 collection is a mix of classic military styling and current outerwear technology.  The thing I dig most about Griffin is the combination of heritage that is at work throughout the entire process of their collection - from inception to the finished product.  The collection, itself, is designed in Britain, fabrics are sourced in the U.S.A. from Woolrich (their signature red and black buffalo check can be seen below) and, finally, the clothes are constructed in Italy.  Griffin is a brand devoted to the finer points of garmenture and that definitely comes through in the collection.  I think the lookbook is pretty choice as well, showcasing the gear not just in front of some butcher paper or anything like that, but in environments where the actual functionality of each item plays a big role.  And a side note: I'm loving this camo resurgence we are seeing all over the place not just because I personally dig it, but because it's such a polarizing sartorial choice.  It seems that everyone either loves it or hates it, which is quite interesting - there appears to be no middle ground on that stuff (like we see with chambray).  Not everyone can get down with inherently "difficult" style, but, at the very least, I can appreciate it. Griffin seems to be another great brand who is getting me real pumped for Fall (pre-order the gear here).  I'm sick of ice cream cones at this point anyway.



  1. Woolrich used to ship thousands of parkas to wealthy women in central Europe. It was a product that kept them afloat for a couple years. Of course, then Europe had a couple bad ski seasons, the economy went kaput, and Woolrich has to close the site that made them. Glad to see something very similar being produced from Woolrich material.

  2. I'm going to go out on a limb here and say I JUST DON'T GET the camo obsession. Perhaps this is an outgrowth of my youth, in which the only guys who wore camo were the types of guys you warned your sister about, and who tended to show up to school drunk, and not in a Don Draper classy way, but in a metalhead-got-shitfaced-on-rubbing-alcohol-behind-the-auto-shop way.

    The advantage to people wearing camo, of course, is that I can dust off the old "holy crap, I didn't even see you standing there!" jokes I used to deploy to such rousing success in the early 90s.

  3. ^
    i like the joke of the guy above.
    a mate always wears a camoflauge cagoule, i always joke that he is entirely invisible apart from his face and hands, which i see hovering in mid air above his legs. hehehEHEhehEHeheheh kaildsfks890

  4. Camo jacket I can dig. Camo shorts are acceptable. Camo button down sport shirt? That is just plain ugly. I thought you were about the understated. This camo craze is fashion pure and simple.

  5. Not a huge fan of camouflage either but these looks are all pretty doable to me. I'm really enjoying the trousers in these looks. I'm also interested in what those puma-ish leather boot-sneaker type shoe's is all about.

  6. All this hate on camo, yet you playas don't realize who's winning the game. Camo fabrics give the wearer a slimmer appearance, while at the same time accentuating the muscular areas of the body.

    They also give the ladies something they like, as I learned firsthand in Miami with my Affliction camo deep v-neck. (And I'm talking mad deep v-neck, this one went down to my navel.)

    But whatevs, keep hatin'. Soon you'll see who's getting the chicas in the club. And it won't be the ones wearing weejuns with no socks. Air Force Ones baby. Ya'll be like "whaaaaatttttt!??" as I get down in da club with all da ladies, and I'll be like, "damn right, son. What you got?! Nothing!"

  7. This is fantastic, innovative, individual and what a great photo shoot - this Griffin chap is not following fashion he is creating his own attitude - It Rocks!!

  8. I love that bottom black and white jacket.