Thursday, July 8, 2010

All Packed Up With Nowhere To Go

My cheap duffel radar just wont quit.  Gap recently added this perfectly devoid of branding, classic cotton duffel for all your summer jaunting needs.  It's only 40 clams which leaves you a lot of money left over to fill up your tank or purchase that plane ticket - what's the point in buying a bag that costs more than your trip in the first place, right?  The only Gap bag I ever owned was a similarly minimalist cotton backpack that lasted me right up until it got lost in the blackhole that was my senior year at college so I only have great things to say about quality.  Both colorways are pretty versatile and the size seems conducive to both daily use (i.e. the gym) and weekend getaways (i.e. your friend with benefits that lives upstate).  You might have seen this floating around the internets already so I figured I'd clarify the details.



  1. Go with the LL Bean! haha

  2. "(i.e. your friend with benefits that lives upstate)."

    how do you know about her?!

  3. nice tip, will get one. i've been looking around but never thought good ole gap would have em

  4. it's true, an unbranded duffel that looks decent and transferable IS hard to find, and I don't think this is limited to just being a men's problem! Wish I could get this here in Sydney.