Friday, July 2, 2010

Americans In Paris

The Cut has a nice slideshow of some New York based designers at this year's (capsule) Paris trade show.  While you wait with bated breath for that hard hitting Sart Inc coverage of Men's Market Week when it comes to NY this is probably as good as it gets.



  1. Is that McNairy?

  2. Absolutely ridiculous!! Do I see the ROTM issue dub monks behind Mark in that one pic?? As if my impatience was not already killing me haha. Great stuff and looking forward to your NY Capsule footage.

  3. Mark's shoes just look cheap. When there's plenty of other great brands making these standard issue classic with top notch quality, at similar price points, McNairy always falls short for me. I'm more than surprised by all of the hype he's gotten. Yeah yeah - some of the shoes are goodyear welted, but there's more to shoe quality than the welt.

  4. Anon @10:28- Have you been in person with the shoes? I have a few pairs of McNairy kicks and the quality is top notch. The factory that makes them in England is one of the great shoe factories in the UK.

  5. If i were theoretically to find a pair of marks saddles on sale for 150 would it be dumb NOT to pull the trig on those bad boys?

  6. Ben- Why the hell not? Care to share...

  7. Mr 10:28.

    His maker also has Naval contracts.

    They tend to be quality focussed.

    Lives depend on it and all that.

    Hold, try and take a look around, you'll see the welt is joined by many other quality points.

  8. It is certainly not a "great" factory, but that doesn't mean the shoes are poor quality.

  9. Anon @1:21- You must be hard to please because it doesn't get more esteemed than where Mark has his shoes made.

  10. It's the Sanders factory, right? Comparable shoes under their own name sell for around $200 in the UK, so they're prob. nice solid shoes but nothing earth-shattering.

  11. They don't look cheap to me. Granted, I have never seen them in person, but they always look good in the pictures I have seen. Just like McNairy always looks like an asshole in every picture I've seen of him. Is he like that in person?

  12. Oi oi, revisionist alert.

    Cheap to nice solid shoes.

    The level of craftmenship in Northampton is incredible.

    But, they are recovering and finally getting a toe hold on what they have to offer.

    Many incredible names almost went under up there so I wouldn't always equate quality with pure price in this regard.

    Flip this with whether you think MMcN's gonna put his name to shite.

    Having seen and handled the product I've got an opinion that probably disagrees with you.

    Who's right, who's wrong?

    Who gives a shit they're nice shoes.

    They're a good company with a strong legacy that could do with support.

    Overall it's worth the benefit of any doubt.

  13. LAS - Do you use lube when giving McNairy a reach around? Or is it straight dry rub?

  14. Anon @10:21- C'mon due...what kind of gentleman doesn't use lube. What are you? A goddamn savage? Typical.