Monday, July 5, 2010

Sart Inc x The Washington Post

Do you like The Washington Post? Do you like hearing me wax poetic on pleats? No? Well then this is easily your least favorite post in a long line of terrible Sart Inc posts.  Anyhow, if you picked up The Washington Post from last weekend you may have seen this little one pager in the accompanying magazine.  Many thanks are due to Holly for including me with such esteemed company.  The sizing on the below pic isn't ideal so check out the much more readable version from TWP's website.



  1. Congratulations. I'm not anti-pleats, but the fit has to be right

  2. Nice work and congrats.

    P.S. I hope you used up the Post's research and development budget on Courvoisier and champagne–you deserve to throw a few back.

  3. Good for you, buddy! Nice job!

  4. Was this the "Dressed By The Internet" section?