Saturday, July 17, 2010

Men's Market Week

Alright, so I'll be in NYC this upcoming week for the various trade shows and what not so while there won't be daily postage hitting Sart Inc there should be some good wrap up posts in the near future.  ENK New York and (capsule) NY are on the the to-do list as well as some other shenanigans so it should be a good time no doubt.  I will be live blogging (capsule) NY for the good folks who run the show (what's up Steve!) on Tuesday so be sure to check that out and say hello if you plan on going to the show yourself.  I bet we'd be friends in real life.



  1. We will all miss you =(

  2. Hope you had a great time! Thought you'd like to know you were brought up in conversation about men style blogs this weekend. A blogger Bec and I met mentioned you as one of her favs :)

  3. Dude - get at me before you leave for one last round of drinks if you have the time. Great meeting you!