Tuesday, July 20, 2010

(capsule) NY: Riviera Club S/S 2011

Riviera Club is all about easy living via the left coast, but for S/S 2011 they are taking things south of the border.  Based around "the golden age of Baja" the collection keeps things light and features gear that would be perfect for any heat wave.  I was particularly fond of the pullover/poncho numbers and white jeans complete with orange self edges.  Riviera Club's insanely comfortable jersey cotton lined shorts even got a terry cloth liner upgrade.  There's no way around it so I'll just put it out there - going "commando" is encouraged.



  1. nice one! those pants are sick.

    -Michael. the always gentleman

  2. LAS - a big thanks for all of us who picked the wrong weekend to be in NYC!

  3. Oh, I get it! The lining is so you can pee yourself a little b-... never mind.

  4. Details are cool, but overall kinda Fugly.