Friday, July 23, 2010

Italian Selvedge

I had never heard of 4stroke until I went to ENK NY last fall and checked them out based on a recommendation from AC.  Since then I've had the opportunity to chat with Tobias, who handles both sales and design, a few times.  The dude is extremely passionate about his product so when he told me he was working on a bunch of Italian selvedge pants you can imagine the enthusiasm being thrown around.  While I was at the most recent ENK NY this past weekend I made sure to stop by the 4stroke booth to finally see the new pants in person.  The Italian selvedge canvas pants were easily the best thing at the entire trade show - a killer combination of ruggedness and luxury.  The 10 oz. canvas is rinsed and hand treated/softened to create the perfect summer substitute for chinos.  In fact, the "Bone" colorway is a straight up substitute for your average pair of white jeans.  And if your torrid love affair with denim is unwaivering in warmer months despite flooding your pants with ass sweat, 4stroke has 13 oz. Italian selvedge dehim in both raw and washed models.  All the Italian selvedge pants come in a "tailored straight fit", which isn't too slim or too baggy - it looks real good in person.  4stroke recently made their "we have arrived" sale to Bergdorf Goodman so a big congrats on that.  Be on the lookout for a variety of their gear hitting BG soon and in their own webstore.  My to-do list is pretty steep at the moment, but right at the top is heading over to the 4stroke showroom to check out some more digs in person. I'll be sure to update accordingly.



  1. i dont know my man, they look like theyre made for the fairer gender. Also, wats with pullin jacks on the black flag logo for an italian fashion company.

  2. Sirens- Not sure how they look like they're made for girls? Elaborate?

    Also, they are a NYC based brand. The fabric is what's Italian. Also, as per the Black Flag logo "homage" you gotta ask the 4stroke cats about that. I was wondering the same thing. But I'm sure Black Flag took it from someone too.

  3. Not related to this post, but I know everyone here is a fan of LEC. Huge sale going on.

    Quick post on it:

  4. Those are some tough ass girls then.

  5. Nice post. I like them.
    Guess these are form the same supplier we use... if they supply selvage denim as well form italy.

    Shannon Sadler

  6. the washes on the pants just seem to have a light, airy kind of look to them, i suppose thats what people call an opinion though.