Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Wings + Horns Sweat Pants

Every time I post about how much I love a great pair of trimmer fitting sweat pants people kinda freak out, which is understandable.  There is a large subset of people who just cannot wrap their heads around the idea of sweat pants ever looking good or being cool for that matter.  Since I am in complete disagreement with these particular folks I'm going to keep posting pairs that are not only obviously comfortable, but look quite spiffy in their own right.

Today's entry  into the sweat pants done right cannon are the new releases from Wings + Horns, a Canadian brand I probably haven't talked about enough.  These particular fleece sweat pants set themselves apart, much like any great garment, thanks to their details.  The adjustable cinch at the ankle is a great addition and the exterior stitching of the pockets ads some aesthetically appealing lines to what is normally a blank space of monochromatic-ness.  You can buy these sweats at Blackbird, but beware their styling.  For whatever reason they paired the pants up with some Sperry Authentic Originals and it looks pretty lame.  If I was going to wear these I would pair them up with some broken in canvas sneaks (in my case a pair of Authentic's) and a simple white tee shirt to create a low key, old school athletic vibe.  I stay comfy while the haters stay heated.

[Picture courtesy of New Dandyism.]



  1. My only real problem with this sort of thing (aside from their ridiculous cost) is that the existence of garments like this encourages the idea that it's okay to wear them outside your house. This is something I just can't get past. Maybe, MAYBE to walk the dog around the block at 7 AM on a Saturday, but to go somewhere where I might be seen by other people? No way.

  2. Agree with SAR. These things are for the gym only. And $140 for sweat pants...? No f'in way.

  3. They have an interesting "mental institution" look about them. Maybe it's the shoes.

  4. Tucker: You'd have to remove the laces to complete the look. ;-)

  5. I love products like these.

    I love the fact people buy them.

    I love the fact there are such believers in the world.

    Take faith. Have confidence. Take your own product to market and take that margin.

    It seems churlish to moan about it however when none of us are forced to purchase them.

  6. I have to go with Lawrence on this one ... do it right and a pair of sweat pants can look pretty stylish. An OCBD or chambray shirt and a pair of white Authentics would look good. I would avoid the sweat suit look however.

  7. I personally like the look. It's a great weekend afternoon outdoor brunch look (maybe after doing some exercise). I don't like the idea of paying $140 for sweatpants though.

  8. anyone know how long the inseams our... i'm 6'6 so i fear i might be too tall for these