Friday, March 5, 2010

Shipley & Halmos Fellini Shirt

For all the neuvo-prep I talk about I some how always seem to overlook Shipley & Halmos, which is quite a shame.  Sam Shipley and Jeff Halmos have serious talent (see: nomination for the GQ/CFDA Best New Designer Award in 2009 and their old label Travota) and are as good as anybody at breathing new life into the many standards of the classic menswear cannon.  Case in point: their Fellini shirt.

These cotton and linen blend shirts may look like your standard plaids at first glance, but feature reworked proportions and expert detailing.  Pictures really don't do the shirts justice - you need to get up close and personal to truly appreciate the beauty of the collar, pockets, gussets and shaping of the garment.  With spring approaching faster than I can deposit my paychecks, it's time to hunker down and make some educated purchases.  When browsing for that new shirt(s) I think S&H should be part of the conversation as much as, say, Gitman Vintage.  It'll be better than the 2 or 3 ill-fitting shirts you buy from the mall. Unless your goal is to look like shit of course.  Pick one up at Context and Odin.



[Editor's Note: Browse the entire well-edited Shipley & Halmos S/S 2010 collection.]

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  1. I've been rockin' a couple of their shirts for the last year and a half and can vouch on the coolness, style and details. They are a snugger shirt though, so put down the donut cuz they don't stretch.