Thursday, March 11, 2010

Making A Case For Pleated Shorts

I'm no trend forecaster and my opinion carries no weight, but I'd like to make a quick case for pleated shorts.  Before all you flat front soldiers start wildin', keep in mind I'm not endorsing baggy 3 pleated potato sacks - I'm talking "trim" shorts with one, maybe two pleats max.  I can't say for sure why I am drawn to them, but it most likely has to do with their structure and clean lines.  Pleated shorts can be aesthetically pleasing if you keep them understated, tailored and pressed.  I love creased shorts as it is and adding a pleat only increases the garment's architecture - there's just something solid about it all.  It seems like rolled or cuffed flat fronts are all the rage these days, but I'm making a case for some pleats and a goddamn crease while I'm at it.  Good thing I'm not a lawyer.



  1. There's a time for pleats. But if you have wide hips, they can have an unfortunate diaper-ish effect.

  2. Pleated shorts and pleated trousers are true classics.

    Flat-fronts were invented by tailors to economize on cloth.

  3. 4th down. I wonder what name's on those loafers..?

    On pleats... I don't mind them either way, but as shorts are worn lower (and these days trousers in general) they're not quite as necessary as when trousers were worn higher.

    (Your stomach/gut/abdomen needs somewhere to go, and the pleats are the give.)

  4. Not feeling it on the pleated shorts.

  5. I suspect the folks who today find pleats anathema would have been the same folks who would have found flat fronts anathema when pleats were "rediscovered" some time in the mid 80's. Pleats serve a function and if the pants(shorts or long 'uns) are well tailored they don't produce the para effect. A broad church wardrobe will contain pleated and flat fronted pants which are still worn around the waist!

  6. Brummangem Joe hits it on the spot. Well-tailored pants are well tailored pants. You shouldn't have to choose flat-front vs. pleats as you should be able to enjoy both.

  7. That said.

    Triple pleats?

    I'd be a little uneasy.

    It's getting a bit Issey Miyake.

  8. I think that picture is why Hemingway put a gun in his mouth...never seen it hero looks horrible.

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