Monday, March 22, 2010

Gap On Deck

The men's style blogosphere often fetishizes old school deck shoes - Sperry CVO's, Vans Authentics (whose "pops" was a deck shoe), etc.  It's not hard to understand this obsession as the deck shoe pretty much epitomizes simple, functional old school cool.  Hell, Google JFK and you're more than likely to find quite a few pictures of our best dressed President lampin' on his sailboat clad in the WASP (though Kennedy was a Catholic) uniform: oxford cloth button down, chino shorts, Wayfarers and, of course, deck shoes.  Gap has recently put out their own take on the deck shoe and are offering both a classic CVO type sneaker and a chukka version.  Both kicks run under 40 bones and are pretty swell options for anyone looking to get their sailing game right.  I'm particularly fond of the chukka and its  reimagining of the deck shoe in a modern framework.  Chukkas with shorts or rolled chinos are always a good look and the Gap joints won't require a trust fund.



  1. Ohh, the first ones look so clean and stripped down to nearly nothing. I can get with that kind of look.

  2. Gap has been really on point lately... good stuff!

  3. GAP has really been impressing me lately, whereas Banana Republic...yeesh. Who are they trying to reach these days?