Friday, March 5, 2010

D.S. Dundee S/S 2010 Preview

I cannot wait for this stuff to go live.  D.S. Dundee is probably my favorite British under the radar brand right now and after a quick skim through their site you'll most certainly feel the same way.



  1. ...previous tackle wasn't as good in the thread.

    Fingers crossed for this lot.

  2. MR Brown- When I spent some time with the gear in person I thought the fabric (I am assuming that's what you mean by thread) was top notch.

  3. ... the shots on their site were good, but in the thread, or in person so to say I wasn't so sure of their cut, and of the tweed suits and coats both the cloth and the finish didn't appeal.

    Different horses different courses, I have friends who parted with cash for Dundee, which is what counts I suppose.