Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Wale Wars

Even though seemingly everyone and their favorite blogger is on the wide wale bandwagon these days, it's still been difficult finding great cords for F/W 2010.  Don't get me wrong, Brooks Brothers' Milano is a sure fire snag, but what if you wanted to step outside of the box?  Well, Polo has just released their Corduroy Icon Pant as part of this new Rugged Icons capsule collection for the upcoming holiday season.  As I'm sure you can imagine, the collection is full of archive pulls and updated modern touches - pretty much the story of everything going on in menswear right now.  So, back to these cords for a second.  The flat front numbers are unique in that the heavy material is paired up with various colors (ranging from the bolder side of normal to some serious "go to hell" intensity) and feature some nice details - specifically, a back cinch and reinforced seat.  The bright colors plus the rugged details make for a very cool pair of pants.  Overall, it's a look more commonly seen on five pocket cords, which resemble jeans more than anything else, and not wide wale "trousers".  The classic straight fit might turn some people off, but pants in this cut will look very good paired up with heavier boots (not tucks please).  I'd recommend buying a pair with an inseam longer than what you usually wear so your tailor can cuff these.  I've said it before and I'll say it again,  heavy weight pants deserve a serious anchor.



  1. Lawrence, sounds like the latest FYM entry is directed at you, sans the Law School bit.


    Dropped out of law school.

    To follow my dreams.

    My calling.

    Is to be fucking major.

    To write about men’s clothing.

    On the internet.

    It’s what I was born to do.

    The freshest of prophecies.

    I am baby Moses.

    Draped in Hill-Side chambray.

    Floating down the Nile.

    In a Makr rucksack.

    Fulfilling my destiny.

    This aint some noob pipe dream.

    I’ve been in the game for a minute.

    Going on 4 months.

    A true OG.

    Who learned from the greats.

    Who studied the GOATs.

    This aint gonna be some lame ass Tumblog.

    Reblogging dudes laced in LEC.

    Fuck that.

    Nah, I’ma have the dopest writeups.

    Based on some other dude’s writeups.

    The dopest product reviews.

    Based on some other dude’s purchases.

    Breaking the dopest news.

    That I read on Valet.

    I can copy and paste these fucking PR blasts with the best of ‘em.

    The best Definitive Touch since Swipelife.

    The best Swipelife since Selectism.

    To run the game you need to be the fucking game.

    Nah mean?

    On some Pinnochio type shit.

    I’m a real blogger.

    My journey starts today.

    Time to get noticed.

    Busted open the piggy bank.

    Blew my last stack copping some McNasty saddles at the Barney’s Warehouse Sale.

    These red bricks sizzle, homie.

    Aint no thing.

    Catch me doing a buck 60 in my Macbook.

    Swerving through comments.

    Catch me in Duane Reade.

    Blowing AdSense paper on Top Ramen.

    Catch me at launch parties.

    Telling bitches I write for a living.

    Catch me on Twitter.

    Snagging my 300th follower.

    Called up my moms.

    She’s hella proud.

    I’m a real blogger.

    My journey starts today.

  2. Dave- Ya think? Sounds like it's directed at pretty much anyone who blogs these days. Regardless, if it is about me specifically, I am extremely flattered.

    I love FYM.

  3. Dave-

    Should've stuck w/ law school. I just passed the bar, and got a job. Now I buy whatever clothes I want. Your loss, but have fun being a "blogger", champ.

  4. Lawrence - Yeah, FYM is a great addition to the blog scroll. I, along with many others, need to find out who's behind this greatness.

    Anon - I'm not a blogger, champ. So basically everything you said is moot.

  5. everyone here is reading fymw, why copy and paste the whole thing in a comment? link it, gawd damnit.

  6. Dave M. - I hope we can still be friends, considering we DO share the same initials. Truce?

  7. It does sound like it's directed at LAS...but it also reeks of jealousy

  8. Anon 12:17 - How about you be a big boy and do a search?

  9. Holding L.A.S's jockstrapNovember 2, 2010 at 1:50 PM

    Gawd, I hate my day job.

  10. Wait, if you're typing this then who's holding my...

    You're fired.

  11. Anon @ 1:13...thanks for being immature...such a helpful person.

  12. anon@2:20 - Actually I think I was being mature by suggesting the DIY route. Everyone has to learn to do things on their own. Smile!! Today is your day. You can do it!

    The end.

  13. I bet all the boys in Jersey would love those hot orange cords - go get em LAS!

  14. I'm seeing more and more tabs on the back of pants/chinos this year - great stuff!

  15. its like fucking youtube down here

  16. Club Monaco has a great pair of wale cords in blue and grey which includes the belt fastener on the seat. There are on sale for $59.